Carbon Technology Inc. has assembled an experienced, industry leading team to usher in the era of carbon nanotube based semiconductor solutions. Led by a team of Ph. D.'s with extensive technology and business acumen, and advised by a network of focused experts from academia and industry, the company is poised to deliver its first carbon nanotube field effect transistor (FET) products in 2022.

Executive Leadership

Dawei Wang, Ph.D.

Dawei Wang founded Carbon Tech and leads the technical effort. He is a noted carbon nanotube electronics pioneer delivering the following industry firsts:

-First carbon nanotube based RF transistor

-First high volume, carbon nanotube FET device

-First GHz carbon nanotube amplifier

B.S. in Electronics, Peking University

M.S.E.E., Washington University

Ph. D., Materials Science, University of California, Irvine

Dr. Wang is a U.S. Citizen

Steffen McKernan, Ph.D.

Steffen McKernan founded Carbon Technology Inc. and is the company's Chief Executive Officer. He founded RF Nano which produced many nanotube firsts. He started his business career with McKinsey & Company and has led semiconductor deals domestically and internationally including transactions involving SiGe and GaAs technologies.

B.S. Engineering Physics, University of California, Berkeley

M.S., Ph.D. Physics, Princeton University

Thesis on 1-D electronics

Dr. McKernan is a U.S. Citizen.

Weiwei Zhou, Ph. D.

Weiwei Zhou heads Carbon Tech's efforts on nanotube synthesis. With more than fifteen years of experience, she has significantly advanced nanoparticle catalyst development and methods for the controlled synthesis of CNTs.

B.S. Chemistry, Changsa University

Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Peking University

Post Doctoral Research, Duke University, University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Zhou is a U.S. Citizen

Technical Team

Alexander Kane, Ph.D.

Alex Kane joined Carbon Technology, Inc. in June 2022. Dr. Kane brings to the team more than seventeen years experience in developing scalable electronic devices using low dimensional materials. He has published papers and been granted patents in the following subject areas: carbon nanotube materials processing, fabricating radio frequency field effect transistors and low noise amplifiers, infrared photodetectors, gas sensors, single biomolecule electronic sensing, and electronic biosensing using foundry fabricated graphene devices.

Ph.D., Chemical and Materials Physics, University of California, Irvine

B.A., Physics, University of Colorado

Advisory Team

Carbon Technology complements the in-house expertise with advice from leading research universities and industry consultants in the areas of modeling, materials, contacts, dielectrics, and radiation hardening.

Professor Michael Schroter, Technical University Dresden, Germany

Dr. Schroter, Chair for Electron Devices and Integrated Circuits (Dresden), advises Carbon Tech on materials requirements and device design, measurement, modeling and applications. His deep RF device level expertise includes developing the HICUM model which is widely used for RF circuit design.

Professor Jie Liu, Duke University

Dr. Liu is among the world's pre-eminent nanotube synthesis scientists and advised the CTI team on its synthesis work.

Professor Philip Collins, University of California, Irvine

Dr. Collins, UC Irvine Professor of Physics and Astronomy, has over 20 years of leading research on nanoscale sensors and circuits. He collaborates with the Carbon Tech team on electrical contacts and advises on sensors.

Professor Aaron Franklin, Duke University

Dr. Franklin, Addy Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has extensive experience with carbon nanotube transistors at Duke and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Professor Franklin works with Carbon Technology on dielectric material.

Dr. Robert Bauman, Radiosity Solutions LLC

Dr. Bauman provides Carbon Technology with expertise in the arena of radiation susceptibility based on nearly thirty years working at Texas Instruments focusing on improving device reliability.

Chris Fitzsimmons

Mr. Fitzsimmons, with over thirty years experience in the semiconductor, communications, and electronics sectors with Motorola, Conexant Systems, Skyworks Solutions, and Panasonic, assists Carbon Technology with market strategy and development activities

Nandasiri Samarakone

Mr. Samarakone has 40 years of semiconductor processing experience with work at IMEC, Nortel, Rockwell, ASML, RF Nano and Infineon. Nanda worked with the CTI founders at RF Nano to establish the first volume production of carbon nanotube FETs delivering higher cross-wafer uniformity than yielded production GaAs.