Company Timeline


Radiation hardness of carbon nanotube designs to be characterized for comparison to traditional semiconductor materials. News


Follow-on investment and contract wins bring total raised by Carbon Technology, Inc. to more than $6M (and over $20M by the CTI team for CNT electronics). News


Carbon Technology, Inc. sells carbon nanotube based sample materials to three product companies for chemical sensor applications.


Hysteresis free, clean process developed and demonstrated by Carbon Technology, Inc. News


Carbon Technology, Inc. deveops high density nanotube material (10 carbon nanotubes/micron) with semiconductor selectivity to support groundbreaking devices for 5GHz and below applications.


Carbon Technology, Inc. develops process for the creation of highly robust device contacts with turn on voltage level of less than one volt. News


Selective synthesis process by Carbon Technology, Inc. creates pristine semiconducting carbon nanotubes using standard chemical vapor deposition equipment. News


Carbon Technology, Inc. raises capital through first private placement investment from non-founders.


Carbon Technology, Inc. is founded by team that previously developed highly uniform, production-ready, carbon nanotube FET's capable of operating at 10 GHz and above.